Safer Living in Simbithi

In this modern day and age safety is always a high priority when it comes to making an investment into a new property in Ballito. You don’t need the constant stress of security weighing down on your shoulders when you purchase a new home. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to purchase a home, knowing that your family would be safe at all times?

Estate living provides the perfect answer to safety issues, and it just so happens that the North Coast is home to some of the safest and most secure estates on the market.

The security system at Simbithi Eco-Estate makes it an incredibly safe investment for future families. It is important to deny entry to those with criminal intent. This is achieved by close monitoring of people through the various gates, and a secure perimeter fence. The security is controlled from the Control Centre which serves as the communication hub for all security personal on the estate. It is manned on a  24/7 basis and receives all alert calls; monitors the various alarms on the estate; controls response to alarms; regulates all requests of entry from all forms of visitors and controls all activities of security personal. Security patrols monitor the general safety of everyone on the estate and respond to all alarms set off on the estate. CCTV is used to monitor the gates, vulnerable areas on the fence and areas of concern within the estate itself. All this information is stored at the Control

Centre for inspection. Access through gates for residents is controlled with proximity regulated tags, and for domestic workers and contract labour, ID cards with photo identification is issued. In short an incredibly safe environment has been created on Simbithi.

If you are looking for a safe and secure environment to raise a family, look no further. You’ve found Simbithi Eco-Estate.