Tips do How to clean different types of floors

Ceramic tiles
It is easy to clean with a mop or cloth dipped in a solution of washing up liquid. In addition, clean with neat Laundry borax applied to damp mop or solution one part ammonia to three parts hot water. Polish with a chamois leather. Squeegee mops the best for this type of flooring as it removes most of the water. Be careful when walking on wet tiles, particularly in rubber-soled shoes, as they are very slippery. No Polish tiles as this will make them permanently slippery.
Grouting between tiles must be cleaned from time to time with an old toothbrush dipped in a strong solution of washing liquid or household cleaner. Or, use a special grout clean.
Cork tiles
It usually has a sealed, waxed or vinyl finish to prevent water and dirt from penetrating porous surfaces. If you are laying cork tiles and check that the edges are sealed surfaces or water may leak from the side.
Sealed cork just need to mop up with warm water and an occasional application of emulsion paint. Vinyl finish cork should be moist mop with an occasional application of emulsion paint. Cork Wax should be swept regularly with occasional wax or liquid polish.
When applying one of these Poles are trying to avoid building a room around the edge of Poland, it eventually will form deposits that attract dirt and sticky substances such as talcum powder in the bathroom. It seems very unappealing and difficult to remove, use the back of a knife blade.
Always rinse floor mops in disinfectant solution after cleaning the house. The hand of the ground or upside down to dry.
Quarry tiles
Glazed tiles should be washed with a weak solution of household cleaners. They should be polished with liquid or paste wax Polish, preferably free products slop.
Unglazed tiles will need to be brushed more powerful with a more robust solution.
Always rinse with warm clear water and wipe with a dry mop.
Faded tiles can be returned to their original color. Remove Polish by rubbing with steel wood and white spirit, and then rinse with clean rinse, and let dry household. Apply a thin layer of colored wax polish and rub it in well so that it does not come from on your shoe soles.
Freshly laid tiles tend to develop white patches, caused by lime working his way up through the concrete sub floor. It can be temporarily removed by washing the tiles with a solution of white vinegar. Do not rinse the solution and not polish the tile to stop the white patches appear.
Stone floors should be swept regularly and washed from time to time with a solution of washing soda.
If your stone floor in the kitchen or dining room where oily spill occurs, it is a good idea to seal the stone to make cleaning easier and to prevent the stain is absorbed. Before sealing ensures that the level has been cleaned thoroughly, anything left on the surface will still remain under the sealant.
When cleaning the floor material, do not use cellulose mop with bleach solution, otherwise the mop will be destroyed.
Wax the surface of the wood floor with a broom to sweep with a soft, dry mop to remove dust and dirt. Sticky marks can be removed with a damp cloth wrung out in clean water. Wax wood should not be washed as water can distort the wood. Apply a layer of paste wax polish with fine grain steel wool from time to time. When the Polish building to an acceptable level, ie when the floor started to feel and look sticky, remove old wax with a cloth dipped in white spirit. Allow to dry completely before applying a new layer of wax.
Sealed wood flooring must be damp mopped Remove dust. Apply a layer of wax or emulsion Poland from time to time to add shine.
If you sprinkle the tea leaves wet or moist shredded paper strips before sweeping the dusty wooden floor, this will prevent dust from rising handy if you are asthmatic and makes it easier to clean.
BudgetOf course your budget that you have set aside for cleaning different types of flooring is also very important because the floor price can range from something less than $ 20 to over
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